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Mamas & Papas Lua Bedside Crib- Grey

The Mamas & Papas Lua bedside crib makes it easier than ever to have your baby safely by your side.

The Mamas & Papas Lua bedside crib makes it easier than ever to have your baby safely by your side.

Whether you choose to place it by your bed or use the removable bassinet around the house for daytime naps, the Lua has an adjustable side that has an auto-return option, making it a breeze for you to lift your baby in and out for comforting cuddles or night-time nursing.

With mesh fabric panels and a soft, breathable mattress, your little one will be extra-comfy snoozing in the Lua – whilst you can sleep easy knowing you can easily keep an eye on them. It’s even got a contemporary minimalist design that feels a little more grown up – so it won’t look out of place in your home. And because it’s been tried and tested by real parents, you can be sure it’s super-safe for your baby to snooze soundly next to you.

Why Buy Me?

  • Adjustable incline options make it easy to keep baby’s reflux at bay
  • Take it traveling thanks to the collapsible compact design and storage bag
  • Includes storage and changer thanks to built-in changing mat and shelf

Features Of The Crib

  • Adjustable side has an auto return option for extra-safety
  • No need to strap to the bed, so it’s easier to move around your home
  • The removable bassinet means baby can nap anywhere in the house
  • Won’t look out of place in your bedroom thanks to contemporary design
  • The breathable mesh panels let you easily keep an eye on baby
  • The comfy core mattress is crafted has a breathable fibre core
  • Get the perfect position with adjustable leg heights and incline options
  • Super-versatile design means baby can nap anywhere in your home
  • Don’t worry about accidents with the removable and washable fabrics


Age Suitability: 0 – 6 months approx. (or when child can sit, kneel or pull themselves up)

Safety Warnings:

  • This crib is not suitable for children who can sit or kneel or pull themselves up
  • Do not use this product without reading the instructions for use first

Composition: 100% polyester

Care & Maintenance: Fabric covers are machine washable

Self-Assembly Required? Yes


Dimensions: H: 69-84 x W: 98 x D: 50-60.5cm

Folded Dimensions: H: 28 x W: 89 x D: 55cm

Mattress Compatibility: Mattress included

Weight: 10.9kg

Mattress Heights:

  • Position 1: 37cm
  • Position 2: 41cm
  • Position 3: 43cm
  • Position 4: 47cm
  • Position 5: 50cm
  • Position 6: 53m


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