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Tiny Love Gymini Kick & Play Playmat

The Gymini Kick and Play is a multi-stage dual position activity mat for fun discovery. This

The Gymini Kick and Play is a multi-stage dual position activity mat for fun discovery. This extra-large playmat offers plenty of room for baby and the closed border option creates a cosy and comforting environment for your little one. The playmat features dangling toys and includes a detachable stand-alone lion and wind chime. This multi stage mat is perfect for tummy time.

The Gymini encourages baby’s gross motor development throughout the first year. The unique kick and play response pad strengthen leg and arm muscles while the captivating mirror helps extended tummy time.  Additional stimulating features on the mat help baby strengthen their body muscles. The Gymini grows with babies and helps them grasp the idea of object permanence by allowing exploration of the product from various angles. The fun response pad and other engaging activities will help baby comprehend the idea of cause and effect. Hand-eye coordination is encouraged from the very beginning, as younger babies lie on their backs and attempt to bat at the hanging toys overhead. With time, baby will learn to move the toys intentionally, causing them to swing, chime, rattle and jitter.

Why Buy Me?

  • Stimulates baby’s senses through bright colours, sound and lights, shapes and textures
  • Tummy time strengthens shoulder and neck muscles
  • Response pad strengthens leg and arm muscles
  • Develop baby’s fine motor skills
  • Spacious play area
  • Multi-position playmat


  • Suitable from birth to 12 months


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