Great News! Our store on Blackfen Road is open.

Due to government restrictions that are still in place we will be able to allow 3 groups of customers in at a time. These groups can consist of 3 couples, mum to be and partner and/or the partners mother and or the mother to be’s mother. If you have any other requirements please contact us. Don’t Forget, Social Distancing will be adhered to.

Your Questions Answered:

Q. When the shop opens, are customers allowed to touch items? For example, prams, to check height etc and how to put them into different positions?
A. Yes you will be allowed to touch and feel items just not un-necessary touching.
Q. Do I need to wear a face mask when I visit the shop?
A.The staff will be wearing masks so it is up to you if you would like to wear one
Q. Will you be providing hand sanitiser when I visit the shop or do I have to bring my own?
A. Yes hand sanitiser is provided. We have a stand at the front of the shop that customers can use on coming in and going out
Q. Will you be handling cash if I make a purchase or will it be by contactless payment?
A. Yes we will still be accepting cash payments

In addition;

  1. we have installed guards around out till point so customers cannot lean through the counter.
  2. we also have sectioned the shop with markings that advise customers to keep a 2m social distance between people.
  3. we also have a hand sanitiser stand at the front of the shop for customers.
  4. the goods in the shop will frequently be sprayed with anti-bacterial spray to try and keep things safe.

We would like to thank our new and old customers for their patience whilst we were closed and we look forward to seeing everyone.
P.S We also have arriving some nice new products to show you

Please keep visiting this page for the latest information from Katie’s Playpen.

Don’t forget our website is still open for online shopping and home delivery and if you don’t see what you want, simply contact us for more information.


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